A brand new mentorship community to support you on this unique journey.

What if you had clarity, peace of mind, community, and an experienced guide as you approach the overwhelming task of home educating your child with dyslexia?

Does this sound like you?

"I am so overwhlemed! I have no idea where to start in home education for dyslexia."

"What curriculum do I need?"

"I don't feel equipped with the right training to meet my child's educational needs."

"I don't have enough support to do this on my own."

"I am afraid I will fail my child."

What if there were a way to feel confident, supported, knowledgeable, and motivated on your new journey in home education for your child with dyslexia?

Newly Launched!


Lifted Learners Inner Circle

A mentorship community that will center, equip, encourage, and support you on your journey in home education of your dyslexic child.

You will benefit from...

Ask Me Anything. Bi-monthly LIVE group coaching sessions via Zoom.

Multisensory Moments. I share video demos and images of the home education techniques and multisensory methods working for my kids right now.

One-hour Wednesdays. Monthly motivation for you to make progress on your personal planning and goals with guidance from me and group accountability.

Private Facebook Group. Finally connect with others who understand your unique journey and get the support you need to continue forward. Collaborate with your fellow members and make new friends!

Unique Learners Launchpad. An online space for our children to showcase their projects and find peers on a similar educational journey.

Influencer Interviews. Learn from speakers each month on dyslexia education, career paths, parent advocacy, project-based learning, and more!

The Talon Society. Our exclusive Educators' Book Club with 4 included titles annually.

Professional development. Referrals and exclusive discounts for coursework and networking opportunities in dyslexia education.

Imagine if...

...Instead of panic, despair, and fear...you could feel confident in your new role in home education for dyslexia.

...You had a go-to resource and coaching from an experienced home educator to help you get focused and know how to get started.

...You had access to professional, appropriate training and were connected to dyslexia experts and influencers to clear up your confusion.

...You had a community of others like you to learn and grow with so you don't feel so alone.

Who is Lifted Learners Inner Circle for?

Parents of dyslexic students transitioning to full-time schooling at home

Parents of children with learning differences who need targeted learning strategies for effective learning at home

Veteran home educators whose children have newly-identified learning challenges

Why now?

...because in this unique school year, parents like you need support more than ever and need to know that they don't have to walk this path alone...

You're invited to my

Inner Circle!

Hi! I am Greer Callender, a home educator since 2013, a mother of 4 sons with dyslexia, and a medical wife. As an Ivy League graduate, I began my home education journey with high ambitions and expectations for my sons but without awareness of their language-based learning differences. In the early days, I did not have adequate support for their educational needs, or a handle on our nontraditional, ever-fluctuating family schedule. I had to learn many strategies through my own tireless research and much trial and error.

I graduated cum laude from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and International Studies and began a career as a public health professional. My husband and I lived our dream by moving our young family to Latin America for a time where we worked together in the fields of medicine and public health, while our children enjoyed a rich, bilingual cultural experience abroad.

My journey as a home educator

After returning to the US and leaving the workforce, I began the home education journey. Despite my strong background in languages and love of learning, I found that teaching my own children at home was an uphill battle, in large part, due to their undiagnosed learning differences.

Once we identified dyslexia, I pursued and completed training in the Orton-Gillingham multisensory approach to reading, writing, and spelling under a Fellow of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators. I now hold a teaching certification from the Center for Effective Reading Instruction, a subsidiary of the International Dyslexia Association. Additionally, I completed graduate-level training in K-6 Multisensory Math interventions and in academic therapies to help students improve their executive functioning and metacognitive strategies for learning. 

Lifted Learners Inner Circle

I created this mentorship program in the wake of the current pandemic to come along side overwhelmed parents of dyslexic students who are now faced with the weighty task of initiating home education amid multiple stressors and changes.

I have home educated my children through multiple hardships and family crises. The concepts and tools I have developed over the years helped us to survive and thrive in chaotic times, similar to the ones we are now facing globally.

In this program, I will share the best of what I have learned from my personal experience educating my children at home, from my work online as an Orton-Gillingham and Multisensory Math Instructor, and from my study of neuroeducation, the Science of Reading and multisensory approaches to learning. I look forward to welcoming you!


How will this help me?

We are in a time of great uncertainty due to multiple societal factors. Home education is rising as an option for many, but remains mysterious or intimidating for first-timers, especially if you have a child with dyslexia. Or perhaps you already home educate, but your child has a recent diagnosis of dyslexia that changes the game for you. The Lifted Learners Inner Circle will provide mentorship, connectedness, and learning opportunities for you and your child so you can face the uncertain times ahead with confidence and support.

What is the time commitment?

We have content planned for four weeks of each month, which last about 1 hour. Of course, you may spend as much time as you like engaging with the community and content.

How will I access the membership?

When you purchase your membership, you will choose a user name and password. You may use these login credentials to access our private membership portal in which you will have access to the content.

What else do I need to know?

Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds or exchanges are not given and all sales are final. You may cancel your membership at any time.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We are happy to help!